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Cherry Picking Instructions

Please read through our rules carefully.
We want you to get the most out of your               time at the orchard and not damage the                tree or future fruit.


Click above to print out our take-along fact sheet and picking tips.




1) DO hold cherry stem with one hand and pick with the other hand.

1) DON'T grab cherries ...

2) DO leave stems on the tree.  

3) OR DO use small scissors to pick your cherries. Cut stems in half, leaving stems attached to tree.   You can bring your own scissors if you like or we have some available at the orchard.  We rent them to you for $1 so you will remember to give them back to us.  We refund your $1 when you return the scissors at check out.

4) DO fill your buckets with stem-less cherries, leaving stems attached to the trees.   Unless you are using scissors, then only half the stem will be left on the tree.

We have 2.5 gallon red buckets available for your convenience. They will hold approximately 11-14 pounds of cherries. Keep this in mind when you head to the checkout!
Villa del Sol Orchard Rules

1. NO pets are allowed in the orchard.  No exceptions!

2. Do not bring ice chests, coolers, backpacks, chairs or stools into the orchard.

3. Pick standing on the ground only.   NO CLIMBING IN THE TREES, on buckets or     pulling down branches.  We love our trees!  Help us take care of them!

4. Pick cherries only.  NO stems or leaves, this may remove next year’s fruit.

5. Keep kids with you at all times—for their safety.

6. Do not picnic in the orchard.  If you bring snack in, please remove all trash with you.

7. Please put all trash in trash containers at the entrance of the orchard.

8. No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes in the orchard.  NO smoking in the orchard. 

9. Only pick fruit you intend to buy.  We do not resell cherries that you pick.

10. Enjoy your day and be sure to come back!

We reserve the right to refuse or revoke entrance to any person at our sole discretion.
Trespassers will be prosecuted. Please read through our
Picking Instructions above.

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